Sexting the boyfriend while at work mm. I need him.

Anonymous:  Yaaaay. Glad you're okay now. How are things going with work? ox

:) they’re all good thank you! I’m really enjoying it. I’ve had my contract extended by another week too so I must be doing something right haha. Why are you anon??

Anonymous:  Why you so sad beautiful? Hope you're okay. xx

I’m fine now thank you anon just had a couple of down days and no one to cuddle. But now I’m back with Joe for a night ☺️☺️

Suuuuch a lush day with my perfect Joe at Bath Spa. 💕💕 sooooo relaxed mmmmm.


When you really really want to talk to someone cos you’re a bit down and they tell you ‘we’ll talk tomorrow’ phh. Not happy.

Fuck off fuck off fuck ooofffffff.
So confused.
Spending the past couple of days with my Joe has been perfect. I didn’t want to leave. 💘