Anonymous:  It will get easier. Transfering language you learn to real life situations can be difficult to anyone. You'll get there. Just please don't give up. You're doing well and you will only get better.

5 months left!!… I’m just really worried that when I start studying my actual units, where they don’t explain anything in English, I’m gonna find it really hard and fail… Haha, yay for positivity.

Anonymous:  Don't give up! (post office thing)

Thaaaanks. Just finding it really hard atm :/


Felt shit all day, early night I think 😔

Anonymous:  I hope your boyfriend knows you've cheated on him 3 times already

Awh you’re back again. Missed ya hunny!


Started watching Orange is the new Black and I’m scared it’s going to be the same as Breaking Bad where I am up all night and barely sleeping and just obsessed.

You will be. It’s amazing.

“ Of course I miss you. I can feel my heart break a little more every day I’m not with you.
Just had a fucking breakdown in the fucking post office because I can’t speak Italian. Ffs. I just want to go home.